Scripture: John 20:16

Key: Bb

Time Signature: 2/2


Hymn Status: Copyright Agreement (A copyright agreement has been made between the hymn writer and R. J. Stevens Music, LLC.)

Terms of Use:  Unlimited use for display and printed copies due to licensing agreement with R. J. Stevens Music


Verse 1: You were there when the world had turned against me. When the darkness had possessed my soul, Your tender mercy made me whole. When I followed You, my life was filled with meaning From the morning to the evening. I’ve seen the face of God.
Verse 2: come once again bringing all I have to offer, Just to find a dark and empty tomb, Your holy frame somehow ehumed. Then I hear someone say, “Why are tears so freely falling? Can’t you hear the voice that’s calling? A voice that knows your name.”
Coda: Rabboni My Teacher my God, You’re alive and my burdens melt away.

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