Hymns for Worship Revised Electronic Edition


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The new Electronic Edition of Hymns For Worship Revised is used with your existing projector system to view any song in the hymnal up on the screen! Select an entire song worship service and choose which songs and what verses as well as chorus options with an easy to use graphical interface. Easy to Read lyrics and shape note music notation from anywhere in the auditorium. Easy to install and use. It is Windows 10 compatible.

Hymns for Worship Supplement Electronic Edition sold separately.

  • Contains 700+ Songs and Hymns
  • Pitch and Directing Guide
  • Save song lists and export them as a PowerPoint slideshow.
  • Displays one stanza or verse at a time.
  • Choose songs in any order, and select combinations of verses and chorus!
  • Large Clear, Easy-to-read words and notes
  • All songs type set for this application not scanned from a book.
  • High Res output at 300 dpi for better projection quality.
  • CCLI annual fees not needed – all copyright fees are already paid.
  • Know what slide/verse you are one by looking at the unique slide numbering system.
  • Pricing includes the copyright fees for a “single-user” license.

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