Over The Sunset Sea



Over The Sunset Sea

Scripture: II Timothy 4:6

Key: Eb

Time Signature: 6/4


Hymn Status: Copyright Agreement (A copyright agreement has been made between the hymn writer and R. J. Stevens Music, LLC.)

Terms of Use:  Unlimited use for display and printed copies due to licensing agreement with R. J. Stevens Music


Verse 1: Darkness is falling the night draweth nigh, shadows fall dark on the lea; voices of saved ones are beckoning come, over the sunset sea.
Verse 2: Our hearts are heavy as they journey on, leaving a dear memory; Jesus is waiting to welcome them home, over the sunset sea.
Verse 3: When my long journey on this earth is o’er, dear Lord, I’m coming to thee; ever to rest in that heavenly home, over the sunset sea.
Chorus: Soon I shall journey to heaven my home, and from all sorrow be free; harbor lights gleaming are lighting the way, over the sunset sea.

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