Scripture: Hebrews 13:13

Key: G

Time Signature: 4/4


Hymn Status: Partnership

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Verse 1: The One who suffered calls to me To leave this place I know And follow Him outside the camp, Where others fear to go. He wants me to go out to Him, To leave the world’s embrace, Forsaking all the things I love And bearing His disgrace.
Verse 2:  I do not know the path I take; My steps may not be sure, But He who died outside the gate Will help me to endure. From sin and danger yet unseen He guards me faithfully, And so I say with confidence, “The Lord is helping me.”
Verse 3: Though mockers scorn the Lord I love And shun the truth I speak, I fix my eyes upon the One Whose city I now seek. That city, better still by far, Than all that I disown, Was founded by the living God With Christ its corner stone.
Verse 4:  The sanctifying blood of Christ Erases every flaw. I owe to Him my gratitude, My rev’rence and my awe. I gladly dwell outside the camp, Surrendering my ways, And give to God continually My sacrifice of praise.

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