Scripture: I Chronicles 16:31

Key: D

Time Signature: 4/4


Hymn Status: Partnership (An agreement between the hymn writer and R.J. Stevens Music, LLC.)

Terms of Use:  This hymn is free to use for display and print but with the following exception(s):

1. The hymn writer does not want this hymn and its arrangement altered in any way.
2. The hymn writer does not want this hymn accompanied with instrumental music.
Ephesians 5:19; Colossians 3:16


Verse 1: Rise, ye people rise, give honor to your King, all saints whose praise and prayer to Him ascend. Seated on the throne He wrought, Making clouds His chariot, walking high upon the wings of wind, o worship Him who walks on wings of wind.
Verse 2: Lord, almighty God, in spendor do You reign. Your radiant Light reveals Your holy ways. In creation, strength revealed, In Your word, Your truth is sealed, ruling high above the vault of sky, enthroned in praises, You are glorified.
Verse 3: Girded with Your strength, And clothed in majesty, You stretch the heaven out unto its span. You who calculate the dust, You who weigh our thoughts, our trust, riding thro’ the heav’ns to give us aid, in faithfulness, You ride to give us aid.
Verse 4: Who are we, O God, that we should call on You, and who are we to join the angels’ praise? You who saved us for Your own, raised us up unto Your throne, Hallelujah, we adore Your name. We shout, all people shout, “Jehovah reigns.” “Jehovah reigns.” Jehovah reigns, our God Jehovah reigns!
Coda: Jehovah reigns, our God Jehovah reigns

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