Loved Ones



Loved Ones

Scripture: Psalm 119:169

Key: Ab

Time Signature: 3/4


Hymn Status: Partnership (An agreement between the hymn writer and R.J. Stevens Music, LLC.)

Terms of Use:  This hymn is free to use for display and print but with the following exception(s):

1. The hymn writer does not want this hymn and its arrangement altered in any way.
2. The hymn writer does not want this hymn accompanied with instrumental music.
Ephesians 5:19; Colossians 3:16


Verse 1:  O Lord, help me maintain An understanding heart, So I can overcome the pain, When those I love depart.
Verse 2:  Lord, help me understand That loved ones move away, But carry into future lands, Thy word, learned yesterday.
Verse 3:  Help me remember, Lord, When loved ones fall in sin, With kindness, they can be restored, And feel Thy love again.
Verse 4:  And Father, comfort me When loved ones pass away; Remind me, Lord, Thy children see Their love another day.

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