Scripture: Colossians 1:28

Key: Bb

Time Signature: 6/4


Hymn Status: Partnership (An agreement between the hymn writer and R.J. Stevens Music, LLC.)

Terms of Use:  This hymn is free to use for display and print but with the following exception(s):

1. The hymn writer does not want this hymn and its arrangement altered in any way.
2. The hymn writer does not want this hymn accompanied with instrumental music.
Ephesians 5:19; Colossians 3:16


Verse 1: Complete in Christ! O! joy within That I am cleansed from all my sin, And I, so heedless, proud, and flawed, Am now perfected in my God! “Complete in Christ!” With heart and mind Forgetting all that lies behind, I seek the prize that waits ahead: The resurrection from the dead.
Verse 2: Complete in Christ! By grace, complete! My hope sustains me thru defeat. I shout amid the tempter’s lies, “Though I have fallen, I will rise!” “Complete in Christ! Lord, send the day! This earthly tent shall pass away, And I shall know the Sacrificed, Presented then, complete in Christ.
Chorus: Complete in Christ! “Alive with Him!” Abundantly, exceedingly, Complete, ever in Christ! Complete and perfected in Christ who transforms me; Alive and united with Him who forgives me, ever in Christ!

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