Scripture: Luke 22:45

Key: F

Time Signature: 4/4


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Verse 1: On a hillside so lonely, Knelt Jesus one day. Soul wounded and weary, He went there to pray; By friends there forsaken, So lonely He feels, To heaven He’s crying In helpless appeals.
Verse 2: On the hillside and garden Such suff’ring I see, In humble submission, He’s making His plea; He yielded His own will, That we might be free; Obed’ence He learned there for you and for me.
Verse 3: O, the shadows are creeping, The Savior in pain, The dark skies are weeping, With dewdrops as rain; The angels bear witness To Jesus divine, Surrendered completely, O, Savior of mine.
Verse 4: But a new day is breaking, The vict’ry is won, The world is rejoicing, A new day is born; The angels exclaiming, Sweet music they chime, For crowning of Jesus, Your Savior and mine.
Chorus: But a golden day has broken In old Gethsemane, The mornings all come singing The songs of victory; There’s a new highway to glory, The road that Jesus trod, With a halo we’re trav’ling the pathway to God.

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