Scripture: Acts 2:38

Key: Eb

Time Signature: 3/4


Hymn Status: Partnership (An agreement between the hymn writer and R.J. Stevens Music, LLC.)

Terms of Use:  This hymn is free to use for display and print but with the following exception(s):

1. The hymn writer does not want this hymn and its arrangement altered in any way.
2. The hymn writer does not want this hymn accompanied with instrumental music.
Ephesians 5:19; Colossians 3:16


Verse 1: Plunged into death’s cold, dark waters Was our Savior, Jesus Christ. With strong love, not dimmed or wav’ring, On the cross He gave His life. He arose up from the sealed tomb, Breaking all death’s pow’rful chains, And triumphant and victorious, Rose to heaven, there to reign.
Verse 2: In the clear baptism waters, There have I confessed my faith; By repenting and obeying, All my sins are now erased. Thru the waters of forgiveness, Now redeemed, I follow Christ. From this day, I’ll gladly serve Him, Dead to self and worldly vice.
Verse 3: Since I’m baptized into His death, How can I delight in sin? Now that I’ve been resurrected, I seek holiness within. Thru the waters, flowing freely, Peace and pardon now are mine. May I ever be devoted, Bearing fruit from the Divine.

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