Sweeter Than All


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Sweeter Than All

Scripture: I Peter 2:7

Key: E

Time Signature: 6/8


Hymn Status: Public Domain (This hymn is free to use for display and print)

Terms of Use:  None


Verse 1:  Christ will me His aid afford, Whene’er I call, whene’er I call; While I find my precious Lord Sweeter than all, sweeter than all.
Verse 2:  I can follow all the way, Hearing Him call, hearing Him call; Finding Him from day to day,
Verse 3: When I reach the crystal sea, Voices will call, voices will call; But my Savior’s voice will be
Chorus: Jesus is now and ever will be, Sweeter than all the world to me, Since I heard His loving call, Sweeter than all, sweeter than all.

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