More Like Jesus



More Like Jesus

Scripture: Philippians 2:5

Key: F

Time Signature: 6/8


Hymn Status: Public Domain (This hymn is free to use for display and print)

Terms of Use:  None


Verse 1: I want to be more like Jesus, and follow Him day by day; I want to be true and faithful, and every command obey.
Verse 2: I want to be kind and gentle to those who are in distress; to comfort the brokenhearted with sweet words of tenderness.
Verse 3: I want to be meek and lowly, like Jesus, our friend and King; I want to be strong and earnest, and souls to the Savior bring.
Chorus: More and more like Jesus, I would ever be; more and more like Jesus, my Savior who died for me.

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