Scripture: Luke 17:5-6

Key: B

Time Signature: 4/4


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Verse 1:Increase my faith, O Lord, my God, I’m weak, I fervently plead. In mountain’s shadow, I have trod; With faith I am set free. Thru trials faced my faith has waned– Your grace sustains my soul. In weakness then, Your pow’r I gain– With faith You make me whole.
Verse 2: When doubts arise and tears descend, My soul seeks Your loving grace. Let faith in You my heart transcend, And then Your love embrace. In faith I find my strength renewed, You guide me thru the night; With ev’ry step my trust accrued– My Refuge and my Might.
Verse 3: Tho’ storms may rage and trials assail, I’ll stand— Your peace in me; For faith in You will never fail, My Stay in life’s raging sea. Increase my faith abundantly– This is my heart’s earnest plea: To serve my God and faithful be And live eternally.
Chorus: O Lord, increase my faith this hour From seed to mighty tree. With faith I’ll face and conquer fears In You— my Victory

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