Scripture: Psalm 19:1

Key: G

Time Signature: 4/4


Hymn Status: Copyright Agreement (A copyright agreement has been made between the hymn writer and R. J. Stevens Music, LLC.)

Terms of Use:  Unlimited use for display and printed copies due to licensing agreement with R. J. Stevens Music


Verse 1: Within the heart of ev’ry man He strives himself to understand; God’s mighty hand from ages past, Declare His work of righteousness.
Verse 2: From greatest man to infant child, From space afar to grain of sand; ‘Tis written plain, it’s ev’rywhere, That God is real His wondrous pow’r.
Verse 3: I see his pow’r, ten thousand worlds, the order of the universe; Where’ere man goes, God’s gone before, Foundations laid, creation morn.
Chorus: I hear His voice, ten thousand tongues, The rocks and hills the birds that sing; The rippling brook, all nature tells, That God still lives and all is well.
Verse 4: Tho’ man may go to distant star God’s hand laid out, the parth afar, and lo, returns to earth again, Man can but say, “How great Thou art.”

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