All Things Praise Thee


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All Things Praise Thee

Scripture: Psalm 19:1

Key: A

Time Signature: 4/4


Hymn Status: Public Domain (This hymn is free to use for display and print)

Terms of Use:  None


Verse 1: All things praise Thee, Lord most high, heav’n and earth, and sea and sky; all were for Thy glory made, that Thy greatness, thus displayed, should all worship bring to Thee; all things praise Thee Lord, may we!
Verse 2: All things praise Thee night to night sing in silent hymns of light; all things praise Thee day by day chants Thy pow’r in burning ray; time and space are praising Thee; all things praise Thee Lord, may we!
Verse 3: All things praise Thee; heav’n’s high shrine rings with melody divine; lowly bending at Thy feet, seraph and archangel meet; this their highest bliss, to be ever praising Lord, may we!

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