The Precious Book Divine



The Precious Book Divine

Scripture: Psalm 119:105

Key: Eb

Time Signature: 6/8


Hymn Status: Copyright Agreement (A copyright agreement has been made between the hymn writer and R. J. Stevens Music, LLC.)

Terms of Use:  Unlimited use for display and up to 1 print copy allowed due to licensing agreement with R. J. Stevens Music


Verse 1: How precious is the Book divine, By inspiration giv’n! Bright as a lamp its precepts shine To guide my soul to heav’n.
Verse 2:  It sweetly cheers my drooping heart, In this dark vale of tears; Light to my life it still imparts, And quells my rising fears.
Verse 3:  This lamp, thru all the tedious night Of life, shall guide my way, Till I behold the clearer light Of an eternal day.
Chorus: Holy Book divine! Precious treasure mine! Lamp to my feet and a light to my way To guide me safely home.

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