Scripture: Mark 16:6

Key: F

Time Signature: 6/8


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Verse 1:  As the light of the day was approaching and darkness was nearing the end, In the shadows of dawn, there came women to visit the grave of a friend; They carried sweet spices and ointments, A body, they came to prepare. They found that the tomb had been opened and the body they sought, was not there.
  Verse 2: The women were stricken with sorrow, their sorrow was mingled with fear, A voice from the shadow spake softly, “Don’t weep, for your Master is here; Go tell all the rest, the Good Tidings The grave is no longer the goal, That death has been swallowed in vict’ry and heaven awaits for the soul.
Verse 3: The word of the Lord had been given, the promise had been made secure, There’s hope now, for all who are Christians if faithfully they will endure; Beyond is a mansion of glory where Jesus, the Lamb, is the light, There mortals are raised as immortals and robed in their garments of white.

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