The Love Of God



The Love Of God (Beazley)

Scripture: Jude 21

Key: D

Time Signature: 4/4


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Verse 1:  Since the love of God has shed priceless blessings on my head, I have made it my own; I will hide it in my heart that it never may depart, It shall rule there alone.
Verse 2:  Since the Son of God came down with His love our lives to crown, He with us would remain; Greater love there could not be, Jesus died for you and me, In our hearts, He would reign.
Verse 3:  He who gave His love to me, that I might from sin be free, Bids me share it today; “As I loved you,” He has said, “You must serve men in my stead, As you go on your way.”
Chorus: The love of God within the heart, Will kindliness and warmth impart, The soul will glow like Jesus in His tender mercy, If the heart is made His dwelling place, The love of God glows like a flame, Thru endless years it is the same, The love of God will never fail nor lose its glory, Till we see Him face to face.
Verse 4:  While His love burns true and bright, we are walking in the light, He has shown us the road; We His glory must reflect, lest our dimness and neglect Keep some soul from its God.

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