Song Worship Leader’s Instructional DVDs



Song Worship Leader’s Instructional DVDs

(Set of 2 DVDs – 3+ Hours of Instruction)

RJ and Tim Stevens have spent years traveling all over the country helping individuals and congregations improve the quality of their congregational singing. “A congregation’s singing is only as good as its song leaders,” according to RJ. “The development of this DVD training video is the fulfillment of a lifetime dream for my dad and me,” according to Tim.

Now, to meet the demand of congregations asking for R.J. and Tim’s help nationwide, they have developed this two-DVD set to help song leaders and individuals improve their worship in praise to God.

Over Three Hours of Training In This Two-DVD Set

This unique interactive two-DVD training tool set is menu driven giving you, the user, complete control of which section of training to cover at your own pace, moving as QUICKLY or as SLOWLY as you personally need to during any given training session. After each section is completed, the DVD reverts back to the main menu giving you the opportunity to, “Test Your Knowledge” regarding any section of training covered in the DVD set. Also, at the main menu of the DVD, you choose which section of the training you will cover next. And finally, the two-DVD set includes vocal and rhythm warm-up sections on both of the DVD’s included in the training. Your personal coaching by RJ and Tim Stevens on the DVD set covers information including:

  • The Rudiments of Music, which helps lay a positive foundation for your basic knowledge of music whether a song leader or a congregational singer;
  • The Fundamentals of Rhythm, covering duple, triple, quadruple beat patterns, both simple and compound rhythms to help song leaders better lead and for congregational singers to follow the direction of their song leaders;
  • The Fundamentals Of Pitch, outlining the song leaders scale, notes on the lines and spaces of the musical staff, and pitching songs with the pitch pipe.

Through all aspects of this instructional DVD, you are personally coached by RJ and Tim so that after time and commitment on your part, you will have a solid understanding and command of congregational song leading. Also, if you’re a member of a local congregation and you want to better understand music, this instructional DVD will also provide you with the knowledge needed to better worship God in your song service.

This music instruction two-DVD set is a must for:

  • Song Leaders, whether new or seasoned, who want to improve their overall music knowledge and skills to better direct the song worship service for their congregation;
  • Individuals, who want to better understand the music they are singing in praise to God. Also, this will help in better following the song leader as he leads the singing in worship service.
  • Congregations, that are interested in making their singing more vibrant and inspirational, and just more of what God expects it to be during your worship.

What’s Included:

Two-Set  Instructional DVD Includes:

  • Warm ups- including vocal, beat patterns and scales.
  • Rudiments of Music – covering the basics of music knowledge needed to better understand music.
  • Fundamentals of Pitch – covering the musical staff, singing names and shape notes, scales, accidentals, pitch pipe, key signatures and major
  • Fundamentals of Rhythm – covering beat patterns, note & rest values, simple time signatures including duple, triple and quadruple beat patterns and compound time signatures including duple, triple and quadruple beat patterns.