On Jordan’s Stormy Banks


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On Jordan’s Stormy Banks

Scripture: Revelation 15:3

Key: G

Time Signature: 4/4


Hymn Status: Public Domain (This hymn is free to use for display and print)

Terms of Use:  None


Verse 1: On Jordan’s stormy banks I stand, and cast a wishful eye, to Canaan’s fair and happy land, where my possessions lie.
Verse 2: O’er all those wide extended plains, shines one eternal day; there God, the son, forever reigns and scatters night away.
Verse 3: Filled with delight, my raptured soul would here no longer stay; Tho Jordan’s waves around me roll, fearless, I’ll launch away.
Chorus: We will rest in that fair and happy land by and by just across from the evergreen shore, sing the song of Moses and the lamb, by and by, and dwell with Jesus evermore.

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