Heaven’s Jubilee



Heaven’s Jubilee

Scripture: I Thessalonians 4:17

Key: A

Time Signature: 4/4


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Verse 1:  Some glad morning we shall see Jesus in the air, Coming after you and me, joy is ours to share; What rejoicing there will be when the saints shall rise, Headed for that jubilee yonder in the skies.
Verse 2:  Seems that now I almost see all the sainted dead, Rising for that jubilee, that is just ahead; In the twinkling of an eye, changed with them to be, All the living saints to fly to that jubilee.
Verse 3:  When with all that heav’nly host we begin to sing, Singing in the Holy Ghost, how the heav’ns will ring; Millions there will join the song, with them we shall be Praising Christ thru ages long, heaven’s jubilee.
Chorus: O what singing, O what shouting, On that happy morning when we all shall rise; O, what glory, Hallelujah! When we meet our blessed Savior in the skies.

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