Scripture: Hebrews 2:1

Key: F

Time Signature: 6/4


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Verse 1: Soul you are drifting along on the tide, Out on life’s ocean so boundless and wide; Drifting away in the morning so bright, Where will you be when you anchor at night?
Verse 2: Drifting along with a smile and a song, Never once thinking that you might be wrong; Morning has changed to the noontide’s red glare, Still you are drifting but answer me where?
Verse 3: Why are you drifting along as before, Tho’tlessly down to eternity’s shore? Noonday has passed, comes the set of life’s sun, Where are you now, when your drifting is done?
Chorus: Drifting along, drifting along, Smile and a song, smile and a song, Drifting at night, drifting at night, In morning’s light, in morning’s light; Drifting away, drifting away, Breakers now roar, breakers now roar, Drifting today, From the beautiful golden shore.

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