Scripture: Psalm 119:105

Key: B♭

Time Signature: 3/4


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Verse 1: There’s a book that I love that has lived thru each age, more precious it grows ev‘ry year. The message recorded on page after page brings comfort and vanishes fear; It tells how the Savior, in Gethsemane, had sweat there in grief and with dread, And how He had suffered on dark Calvary for sinners His blood He had shed.
  Verse 2: There I learned of the wisdom of God from on high, how He, in His infinite grace, Made certain a hope in the sweet by and by for those who inherit a place; I learned of a Savior so faithful and true who never His loved ones forsook, Made ready a place far beyond the dark blue for those who would follow the Book.
  Verse 3:  When I’m weary at heart and I’m burdened with grief, my load seems too heavy to bear, I turn to the Book where I find sweet relief for Jesus awaits for me there; When life here has ended and death draweth near and I am in need of a friend, I’ll cling to the Book that has always been dear as Jesus takes hold of my hand.  

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