Presentation Creator License

Limit on Number of Installations

Presentation Creator is licensed for use on 2 computers: a primary and a backup.

Transfer of License

The license to use Presentation Creator remains with the purchaser.  If a congregation purchases the product and provides one of its licensed copies to a member, the license is still held by the congregation.  If the member leaves the congregation the copy of Presentation Creator on the member’s computer should be uninstalled and deleted.

If purchased by an individual and the individual provides one of the licensed copies to the congregation, the license remains with the individual.  If the individual leaves the congregation, the copy installed at the congregation should be uninstalled and deleted.

If the license needs to be transferred from the purchaser to a different entity, please contact for assistance.

Hymnals Used Within Presentation Creator

Presentation Creator is only licensed for use with hymnals provided by R. J. Stevens Music.  While it is possible to reverse-engineer the files used to provide hymns to the product and thereby create hymnals that will technically work in the program, this is outside the approved use of the product.  The file format for the hymnal information is copywritten and proprietary and is not to be used in other applications.