R.J. Stevens Music’s Response to COVID-19

Due to the constantly changing COVID-19 situation, we want to help our brothers and sisters in Christ who are unable to assemble and worship with their local congregations. Until this crisis has past, we’ve decided to provide free access to sheet music of over 1,500 songs from Hymns for Worship hymnals on the new Hymns For Worship desktop app. No strings attached. No credit cards.
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Sing and make melody in your heart.

Anywhere. Anytime.

Purchase(s) required for access to sheet music.

App Features

The Hymns For Worship app gives you access to our growing Hymns For Worship and eChoice hymnal libraries at your fingertips!


  • Search our entire growing library of over 2,100 songs  (by keyword, verse, topic, key and meter)
  • Sing from full sheet music
  • Bookmark your favorites
  • Build and share playlists
  • Build song worship presentations from any device
  • Display and run slide presentations from any device
  • View important details like lyrics, key, starting pitch, meter, beat pattern, starting beat, and more…
  • Access your account from any mobile device, tablet or laptop

Suggested Uses

You can take the Hymns For Worship app with you in your pocket, giving you access to our growing library of songs anytime, anywhere. Here are some ideas…


  • Sing from the app at home with your family on your tablet or tv screen
  • Research, Prepare and Lead Song Worship from your mobile device
  • On long road trips turn off the radio and sing
  • Encourage shut-ins and elderly by using it in nursing homes
  • Take it outside and sing around campfires and bonfires

Over 2,100 Hymns Available

Entire library is searchable, with sheet music, lyrics, and musical details for each song

Access To All 3 Hymns For Worship Hymnals

  • Hymns For Worship Revised – $19.95/once
  • Hymns For Worship Supplement – $9.95/once
  • eChoice Library – $2.49/month or $24.99/year

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I listen to songs through the app?

At this time, there are no audio recordings of the hymns on the app. This is a paperless hymnal in the palm of your hand (or in your browser) that is perfect if you need a song book on the go!

I have purchased access to the Revised and Supplement Hymnals on the app, but they are not available to me.

There is a bug fix that is rolling out. In the meantime, please use the website app at https://hymnsforworship.app

Is access to the free 1,500 public domain and partnership songs available on the mobile apps?

The limited time offer for free access to 1,500 songs during the COVID-19 crisis is only available on the website app. Create your account today at https://hymnsforworship.app.

The mobile app update approval in the App Store and on Google is delayed due to coronavirus issues.

Can I sign up for an account, and share access with others in my congregation?

No. While there are many features of this app that are available to everyone at no cost, everyone needs an account (login and password) to sign in with in order to view the sheet music.

If you have older, less tech-savvy members you want to provide access to the app, we suggest you create accounts for each of them and help set it up on their device.

Can I control the presentation from my browser, using my keyboard?

Absolutely! We have keyboard shortcuts that allow you to advance to the previous or next slide, switch between songs, and even black out the screen. You can also tap the arrows with your touchscreen phone or tablet to control the presentation.

Is it possible to have songs I have previously purchased on eChoice show up on the app without repurchasing?

Not yet. But we are working on it 🙂

Why are some songs available for free, but others say I have to purchase?

Right now, as we are going through this COVID-19 crisis together, we are offering all public domain and partnership songs on our app at no cost. Other songs that do not fit that criteria are only available by purchasing one of the hymnals or subscribing to the eChoice library.